Cadence Environmental Energy Who We Are

Cadence was founded in 1975 by Chemical Engineer Ted J. Reese.

Under his direction, the company introduced a technology that would allow liquid industrial waste to be used as an alternative energy source in cement kilns and blast furnaces. Reese called this revolutionary new waste fuel Chem-Fuel®.

Today, Chem-Fuel® helps industries large and small reach their sustainability and compliance goals while helping the US cement industry stay strong through the use of alternative fuels. Cadence has been the exclusive waste fuel supplier to Ash Grove Cement since 1986. By using Chem-Fuel®, Ash Grove conserves over 125,000 tons of coal annually and has conserved over 3 million tons of coal since Cadence began supply Ash Grove alternative fuels.

Cadence Environmental Facility


Wastes from a wide variety of industries including those from chemical manufacturers, refineries, and off-spec or out-dated consumer products can be used as fuels to replace non-renewable fossil fuels. Due to the high temperatures in the cement manufacturing process (over 2600°F):these wastes are destroyed and the energy is recovered. THEY ARE GONE FOR GOOD! GONE FOR GOOD!


Reducing emissions has become an important priority of cement kilns throughout the world. Cadence has developed a variety of combustion technologies and have been implemented in the Global market since the 1970s. These technologies reduce emissions including NOx , SOx and CO while increasing the use of energy bearing wastes most often whole tires.


Personnel for all international and domestic sales and customer support are located in the United States. Technical sales and support office in The Woodlands, Texas. Financial and administrative services are handled in the company's Corporate Office in Michigan City, Indiana. Kiln Services including customer service and laboratory services are located both at Ash Grove Cement plants in Foreman, Arkansas and Chanute, Kansas.

Leaders in waste-derived fuels and technology since 1975


Cadence is Founded

Cadence is founded by Ted J. Reese, Chemical Engineer. Reese was the first to recognize the environmental and business benefits of using carbon-rich industrial waste as fuel.


Chem-Fuel® Developed

Cadence develops Chem-Fuel® the first liquid fuel to be processed from industrial waste to be used as an alternative fuel for cement kilns.


Chem-Fuel® As a Fossil Fuel Substitute

Chem-Fuel® is used as a fossil fuel substitute in steel-making blast furnaces.


Nation-wide Fuel Processing Network

Cadence developes a nation-wide fuel processing network to process waste into Chem-Fuel®.


Nation's Highest Environmental Award

Cadence receives the nation's highest envriomental award from the President's Council on Environmental Quality.


Ash Grove Cement

Cadence partners with Ash Grove Cement and becomes their exclusive Chem-Fuel® brand supplier.


Waste Analysis Laboratories

Cadence builds and staffs waste analysis laboratories at two ASh Grove Cement plants.


Rotating Kiln Patent

Cadence develops patented technology to feed solid fuel to the center of a rotating kiln.



Cadence develops "FuelPacks" - the industry's first containerized waste fuel forcement kilns.


Whole Scrap Tires As Alternative Fuel

Cadence is first to use whole scrap tires as alternative fuel for cement kilns.


Mixing Air Technology

Cadence develops Mixing Air Technology for lowering NOx emmissions in waste-burning cement kilns.


Generator Direct Program

Cadence launches Generator Direct Program allowing generators to send wastes meeting kiln specifications directly to the Ash Grove kilns in both Foreman, AR and Chanute, KS.


Waste-to-Energy Technology throughout Europe

Cadence installs its patented waste-to-energy technology on kilns throughout Europe.


Innovative Technology Award

Cadence wins most "Innovative Technology Award" for Mixing Air Technology.



Cadence Develops KalcinerDirect® refiner waste to be sent from generator directly to the kiln.


Gulf Coast Refineries Savings

Cadence offers Gulf Coast refineries savings by offering the added capacity of the Ash Grove, Foreman, Arkansas kiln.


Corporate Structure Change

Ted J. Reese transitions from President to Chairman of the Board.

Ted T. Reese becomes Cadence's President and CEO.