Non Hazardous Waste & Byproduct Reuse


Since 1975, Cadence has been helping customers dispose liquid and solid hazardous waste by using it as fuel in one of Ash Grove's cement kilns. Many non hazardous wastes can be reused in the same way. Rubber, plastics, biomass, textiles, paper, cardboard, wood and other similar materials can also be used as cement kiln fuel or raw materials. If you generate these or other similar non hazardous wastes, the Cadence team is ready to offer you surprising convenience, cost-saving and environmental friendly disposal.

Simply complete waste profile form, send us a sample for analysis and state approval will be received once analytical testing and reviews are completed. If everything looks good, your trucks can get rolling shortly thereafter. We make it easy for you to be on your way to savings and sustainability by putting your non hazardous waste to work making cement.


Benefits of using Cadence and Ash Grove to dispose of your non hazardous wastes.

  • Waste are gone for good in the intense heat of a cement kiln.
  • Customer long-term liability is eliminated.
  • Cement kilns are an environmentally sound alternative to landfills.
  • Cadence and Ash Grove are the industry's most experienced waste management partners.
  • The industry's best pricing and customer service.

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