Generator Direct

Generator Direct

The Generator Direct program gives generators added convenience and cost-saving efficiency.

Waste meeting the "Kiln-Ready" specifications can be sent directly to an Ash Grove Cement kiln for energy recovery. Wastes not meeting “Kiln-Ready” specifications can be routed to a Cadence approved TSDF Fuel Blender for further processing. Either way, waste generators save time and money and have the assurance that 100% of their waste will be used in Ash Grove's fully permitted state-of-the-art cement kiln.

One-hundred percent of the waste is used.

Nothing is left over. Nothing is landfilled.

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Ash Grove and Cadence have more than 35 years’ experience in hazardous waste-derived fuel operations. The two fully-permitted RCRA Part B hazardous waste combustors are centrally located in Foreman, Arkansas and Chanute, Kansas. Both plants were designed specifically for handling alternative fuels and rank amongst the highest fuel substitution rates in the United States. Together both plants service the entire US with customers located from the West Coast to the East Coast and the Gulf Coast up through the Midwest. Whether shipping by railcars or over the road tankers; customers have come to rely on Cadence and Ash Grove Cement as a key part of their waste management plan.

Waste Generators

Some of the companies choosing to participate in Cadence's Generator Direct program.

Sherwin Williams
Lyondell Basell