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 Written By Cadence Environmental


1. 100% GONE

Effective waste management is vital to petroleum refinery operations. It’s an important concern because of cost and future liability. As long as your waste exists, it remains YOUR responsibility. That is why refineries and other waste generators in the Gulf Coast are turning to cement kiln energy recovery to dispose of their wastes.

The reason is clear. No other disposal method provides 100% waste destruction with nothing left over, and nothing to landfill. Ash Grove’s kiln in Foreman, Arkansas, one of the nation’s most advanced kilns, uses (and needs) every component in the waste you generate. Organics and non organics alike.

But here is why cement kiln energy recovery is different and better. First, temperatures on the inside of the kiln must remain at a constantly high temperature to make cement. 2,800ºF +. Second, waste is exposed to this extreme temperature for a long time. Inside the kiln, organics in the waste are completely used up as fuel and in-organics, which are similar to cement raw materials, become part of the final cement product. The combination of time and temperature means absolute, assured destruction with NO leftovers and nothing to landfill.

Your waste is 100% gone and so are your future liabilities.


2. Gone for GOOD


The US EPA has established a clear standard for how waste should be dealt with. At the top of the list is waste avoidance at the bottom, incineration and landfill. Energy recovery is among the most preferred options for disposing of generated waste.

  1. AVOID generating waste
  2. MINIMIZE the waste you do generate
  3. REUSE the waste you generate
  4. RECOVER energy found in the waste … this is what the Cadence process is all about, but we even take it one step further!

When Cadence puts your waste to work in Ash Grove’s kiln in Foreman, Arkansas, it is Gone for Good because 100% of the energy (organics) it contains is used as fuel to help make cement. Waste is gone for good because the US EPA recognizes our energy recovery process as a preferred option because the energy in the waste is USED not wasted.

Using waste as fuel helps meet the cement kilns huge demand for energy. A typical kiln can use as much as 12 tons of coal or other fossil fuels each hour to make cement. Good for the environment … using waste as fuel conserves non renewable fossil fuels.

The Cadence energy recovery process has conserved millions of tons of coal and other fossil fuels allowing them to stay in the ground, where they belong. And because every component in the waste is used, nothing is left over and nothing is landfilled.

As a further environmental benefit, cement kiln combustion systems are stringently regulated by the EPA. Some emissions like GHG and PM are actually reduced when waste is as fuel.

In addition to saving money, you can feel good about the Cadence energy recovery process. Its good for business and good for the environment.


The cost of waste disposal comes right off the bottom line. That’s why more and more refineries and other waste generators are turning to the money-saving Cadence/Ash Grove energy recovery program because it offers the most benefits for the lowest cost.

Here is what our program offers:

  • Advanced Disposal Technology
  • Low Transportation Costs
  • No Long-term Liability
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Established Company

ADVANCED DISPOSAL TECHNOLOGY - Ash Grove Foreman operates one of the most advanced kilns in the industry. It has been recovering energy from waste since 1988. To save customers even more, Cadence operates a state-of-the-art laboratory at the kiln site so your loads can get in and out fast.

TRANSPORTATION COSTS - It’s less than a 500 mile trip from most Gulf Coast refineries to one of the country’s most advanced cement kilns Ash Grove Cement in Foreman Arkansas. That factor alone is a HUGE money saver. No other kiln is as close to Gulf Coast refineries.

NO LONG-TERM LIABILITIES - 100% of waste is used as energy or raw materials. Nothing is wasted, left over or landfilled. Your waste presents NO future liability.

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE - Cadence has a team highly-qualified and dedicated professionals who can show you how easy it is switch to the time saving, money saving Cadence energy recovery program.

ESTABLISHED COMPANY - More than 35 years ago, Cadence was the first to use waste as energy. No other company has more energy recovery experience. We are ready to put our experience to work for you!

For more information, please contact our Sales Headquarters in Houston, Texas at (936) 242-1008.