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Using wastes as alternative fuels in cement kilns is the EPA’s highest rated and approved technology for energy bearing wastes. Cement kilns have the highest waste destruction rates at above 99.999%. Wastes are destroyed most effectively in cement kilns because they are exposed to temperatures above 2600°F and with long residence times. This combination means all the waste is used as energy and there is no waste left as residual ash being sent to landfill. Cement kilns are the preferred thermal treatment process for recovering energy from carbon rich industrial wastes.


We do more than dispose of your waste. We put it to work as energy to make cement. Cadence developed the use of Chem-Fuel® using industrial wastes to replace the use of non-renewable resources as fuels for use in cement kilns. We’ve been identifying carbon-rich wastes to use in our Chem-Fuel° program since 1975. We now supply almost 200,000 tons of coal replacement fuels annually to the cement industry with primary supply to Ash Grove Cement.


Ash Grove and Cadence have more than 35 years’ experience working exclusively together and constantly developing our hazardous waste-derived fuel operations. The two fully-permitted RCRA Part B hazardous waste combustors are centrally located in Foreman, Arkansas and Chanute, Kansas. Using wastes as fuels is good for our environment and makes the US cement manufacturers more competitive by reducing their operational cost. Our joint experience, plant locations, and technology makes us the most efficient and lowest cost option to our customers.


Your waste will NOT be wasted. Our sustainable practices uses the carbon content in waste to replace non-renewable fossil fuels. One ton of waste on average replaces one ton of coal used to heat the kiln. Cadences aids in the conservation of 125,000 tons of coal annually. Together both Cadence and Ash Grove Cement have reduced coal usage by over 3 million tons since 1986 when we began working together.


Cadence has 45 years of waste-derived fuels experience. We were the first to use liquid industrial waste in cement kilns as an alternative energy source. Our leadership pioneered the use of alternative fuels and has been involved in developing this industry since the 1960s. Since exclusively joining forces with Ash Grove Cement in 1986, Cadence is and has been the exclusive supplier of hazardous waste derived fuels to Ash Grove Cement since 1986.

Cadence Environmental Energy was the first to provide industrial wastes to cement kilns.

We've been supplying cement kilns with energy bearing wastes for 46 years.
Cadence and our customers have conserved over 3 million tons of fossil fuels.

That's what we mean when we say "Putting Waste to Work" and preserving our natural resources.

3,000,000 TONS
industrial waste
99.999% WASTE
Destroyed in Ash Grove's Kilns
3,000,000 TONS
of coal conserved
0 Waste to landfill
Truck Leaving Plant

Why do many waste generators trust Cadence for their disposal needs?

Forty-six years of industry experience and an exclusive, long-term relationship with Ash Grove Cement. Together, we are continually improving methods and technologies to stay at the forefront of the energy recovery process. We work hard to keep your costs low while providing the best, most complete waste disposal service in the industry at Ash Grove Cement kilns.

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Ash Grove
Cement Kiln Recycling Coalition
PCA America's Cement Manufacturers


In 1975 Cadence was the first to use carbon-rich waste as fuel in cement kilns.

Today, this fuel called Chem-Fuel® has helped industries large and small manage their hazardous wastes in the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible way possible. Since Chem-Fuel® replaces coal and other fossil fuels, these non-renewable resources can stay in the ground.

Chem-Fuel® is good for the industry and good the environment.

Burn Tanks at the Foreman Arkansas plant

Burn Tanks at the Foreman Arkansas plant

United States


Nearby and ready to serve your needs

Chem-Fuel® cement kiln energy recovery permanently removes your generated waste from the environment while conserving coal and helping to make the world's most important building product … cement.

We like to say...

"When your waste is used as Chem-Fuel® it's GONE FOR GOOD!"

Clean Earth
Bulk Liquids (K-Blend)


Roughly half of the liquid waste Cadence receives meets our "kiln-ready" specifications and is sent directly from waste generators to an Ash Grove Cement kiln as part of our Generator Direct program. Waste that does not immediately meet our "kiln-ready" specifications is directed to our national network of TSDF processors also referred to in the industry as “fuel blenders”. Cadence has worked with many of these environmental service providers since the 1970s developing processes and specifications to blend optimal Chem-Fuel® supply for the Ash Grove Cement kilns.


Thousands of customers across the country work with Cadence approved Fuel Blenders to prepare kiln ready fuel for Ash Grove Cement.

TSDF/Fuel Blenders

What are the benefits?


Most processors in the Cadence network are conveniently located in the proximity of major manufacturing centers throughout the country. That means wherever you are, there will likely be an experienced processor close by.


Processors can accept a wide variety of Btu-rich, carbon-based waste. Chances are good that the waste you generate can be processed into Chem-Fuel®. If your waste is greater than 5,000 Btu/pound - liquids, sludge and/or solids - it can be processed into Chem-Fuel®.


Our waste processor network can accept your waste in any amount in the way most convenient to you - rail, bulk, roll-offs and/or drums. As part of our service, a Cadence team member will work with you to identify which of your hazardous wastes streams can be included in the Chem-Fuel® program.


Chem-Fuel® Processors in the Cadence network will manage your waste properly according to all applicable Federal and State regulations.


At Ash Grove Cement in Chanute, Kansas

After railcars are unloaded, Cadence offers multi level railcar cleaning services including the disposal of hazardous waste.

CLEAN RAILCARS are essential for proper business operation as well as regulatory compliance. After unloading, some material still remains inside on the bottom and sides of the railcar. Cadence offers TWO options for cleaning and compliance.


After Loading

Level 1 Clean



Railcars are cleaned to conform with RCRA empty standards.

Level 2 Clean



Railcars are cleaned to conform with DOT empty standards.

Whether you choose Level 1 or Level 2 cleaning, BOTH come with
Cadence's super fast turnaround so you can get your railcars back in service quickly.

Working on Computers

Our Experience Makes All The Difference

  • RCRA and DOT Cleaning
  • Waste profiling
  • Advanced high-pressure cleaning
  • Fast turnaround
  • Waste disposal in the Ash Grove Chanute cement kiln
  • Experience you can count on

Our professional team cleans railcars containing hard-to-remove sludges, solids, or other hardened, contaminated materials. We use specially designed, heavy-duty high pressure water jet systems which allow us to safely and economically clean most any railcar in the US. Our experience reduces your liability and ensures safe and compliant railcar cleaning.

Generator Direct

The Generator Direct program gives generators added convenience and cost-saving efficiency.

Waste meeting the "Kiln-Ready" specifications can be sent directly to an Ash Grove Cement kiln for energy recovery. Wastes not meeting “Kiln-Ready” specifications can be routed to a Cadence approved TSDF Fuel Blender for further processing. Either way, waste generators save time and money and have the assurance that 100% of their waste will be used in Ash Grove's fully permitted state-of-the-art cement kiln.

One-hundred percent of the waste is used.

Nothing is left over. Nothing is landfilled.

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Ash Grove and Cadence have more than 35 years’ experience in hazardous waste-derived fuel operations. The two fully-permitted RCRA Part B hazardous waste combustors are centrally located in Foreman, Arkansas and Chanute, Kansas. Both plants were designed specifically for handling alternative fuels and rank amongst the highest fuel substitution rates in the United States. Together both plants service the entire US with customers located from the West Coast to the East Coast and the Gulf Coast up through the Midwest. Whether shipping by railcars or over the road tankers; customers have come to rely on Cadence and Ash Grove Cement as a key part of their waste management plan.

Waste Generators

Some of the companies choosing to participate in Cadence's Generator Direct program.

Sherwin Williams
Lyondell Basell

Kalciner Direct

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Bulk Solids

Thanks to Cadence's innovative technologies, waste can be used as energy in many forms from solid to liquid and virtually everything in between. This means that more generators from more industries can take advantage of environmental and economic benefits by using Cadence waste-to-energy technologies. Sludges and bulk solids typical of refinery waste become part of the KalcinerDirect® program and are off-loaded and pumped directly to the advanced downdraft calciner on the Ash Grove Cement kiln in Foreman, Arkansas.

Downdraft Calciner


  • Advanced Design
  • Turbulent Mixing
  • 1,800ºF Internal Degrees assures complete destruction
  • Uses 100% of the waste
  • Everything is beneficially used
  • Nothing is wasted
  • Nothing is leftover
  • Nothing is landfilled

No other thermal option has these waste-destroying capabilities.

Closest Kiln to Gulf-Coast Refineries

Advanced Disposal
Technology... Nearby

The Downdraft Calciner is installed on the Ash Grove Cement kiln in Foreman, Arkansas. This kiln is closer to Gulf-Coast refineries than any other kiln. This means advanced disposal technology AND additional transportation savings.

Advanced Disposal Technology
Kalciner Direct

KalcinerDirect® is a low cost, convenient and superior refinery waste disposal option. It is the only method that uses all the waste with nothing left over to landfill.


K170 • F037 • K049• K051 • K169 or other compatible sludges or solids, KalcinerDirect® may be your BEST disposal option.


  • P66 Sweeny
  • Circon
  • Shell Deerpark

Off-loading bay designed to get your trucks unloaded fast!

Fast Loading


  • SAME DAY turnarounds
  • RCRA clean boxes
  • No liners


  • Can manage all projects, from small to large
  • Up to six boxes per day


  • Expedites onsite unloading
  • Expedites box return

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The Ash Grove Cement kiln in Foreman, Arkansas features an advanced Downdraft Calciner. That means when your refinery waste goes in, it's gone for good.


KalcinerDirect® is ideal for these wastes...and more!

  • K170 Clarified Slurry Oil
  • F037 F038 Oil/Water/Solids Separation Sludge
  • K049 Slop Oil Emulsion
  • K051 API Separator Sludge
  • K169 Crude Oil Storage Tank Sediment


NOTHING is leftover. NOTHING is landfilled.

CEMENT KILN CAPACITY Specially designed for refinery sludges and solids.

LARGE CAPACITY Up to six boxes per day - Roll-offs and Vac Boxes.

LIVE UNLOADING Less than two hour RCRA Clean turnarounds.

Ash Grove Cement

Kalciner Direct


Since 1975, Cadence has been helping customers dispose liquid and solid hazardous waste by using it as fuel in one of Ash Grove’s cement kilns. Many non hazardous wastes can be reused in the same way. Rubber, plastics, biomass, textiles, paper, cardboard, wood and other similar materials can also be used as cement kiln fuel or raw materials. If you generate these or other similar non hazardous wastes, the Cadence team is ready to offer you surprising convenience, cost-saving and environmental friendly disposal.

Simply complete a waste description form, send us a sample for analysis and you’ll get approval notification within a day or two. If everything looks good, you trucks can get rolling shortly thereafter. We make it easy for you to be on your way to savings and sustainability by putting your non hazardous waste to work making cement.


Benefits of using Cadence and Ash Grove to dispose of your non hazardous wastes.

  • Waste are gone for good in the intense heat of a cement kiln.
  • Customer long-term liability is eliminated.
  • Cement kilns are an environmentally sound alternative to landfills.
  • Cadence and Ash Grove are the industry’s most experienced waste management partners.
  • The industry’s best pricing and customer service.

Contact Cadence today to get started, or for more information.

Used Oil



We want your waste to make cement

To make Portland cement, huge amounts of lime, calcium, silica, iron, alumina are used as raw materials. These key ingredients are also found in a wide variety of industrial wastes from boiler ash to spent filter cakes - from treated waste water to foundry sand. Typically, these materials are sent to landfills.


If you generate these types of wastes, Cadence can help you reach your sustainability goals by repurposing these wastes as raw materials in an Ash Grove cement kiln. Cement kilns require huge amounts of these raw materials so, however much you generate Ash Grove can reuse your waste to make cement. When wastes are safely incorporated in cement they are gone for good and so is your long-term liability.?

  • Filter Cakes
  • Bauxite
  • Foundry Sand
  • Mill Scale
  • Ceramics
  • Bottom Ash
  • Slag
  • Catalysts
  • Sludges
  • Silicate
  • Kaolin
  • Abrasives or other similar wastes...

We want to use it as an alternative raw material to make cement.

One call to Cadence is all it takes. You generate the waste, we handle the details. It couldn’t be easier, more cost effective or more environmentally friendly.


Contact us to learn more about how Cadence Environmental Energy can solve your company's waste management and disposal problems.


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